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Vbulletin: Can not add sub or new forum

Error display example like this;
An unexpected error was returned: ‘Duplicate route data: forum/forum\-jual\-beli/spot\-iklan\-bebas/video\-games(?:/page(?P[0-9]+))?’ (unexpected_error)
For solve the problem, you must login to Cpanel and open vbulletin database.
Click ‘Search’ button and put ini part of error like this: “forum/forum\-jual\-beli/spot\-iklan\-bebas/video\-games” and press Enter.
you can get sign at routenew to open.
next, delete two row cause of the problem.
after that, you can fill new forum again without trouble.
When you are satisfied, pls write comment at below.

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